Katherine Gilbert
Katherine Gilbert
Vice President
1355 Peachtree Street N.E., Suite 1470
Atlanta, Georgia, 30309

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Katherine Gilbert is a vice president with Willamette Management Associates. She has performed the following types of valuation and economic analyses: merger and acquisition valuations, fairness opinions, ESOP formation and adequate consideration analyses, acquisition purchase price allocations, business and stock valuations, and lost profits/economic damages analyses.

She has prepared these valuation and economic analyses for the following purposes: transaction pricing and structuring (merger, acquisition, liquidation, and divestiture); taxation planning and compliance (federal income, gift, and estate tax; transfer tax); ESOP transaction and financing; and strategic information and planning.

Katherine has valued the following types of business entities and securities: close corporation business enterprise, close corporation fractional ownership interests, public corporation subsidiaries/divisions, complex capital structures (various classes of common/preferred stock; options, warrants, grants, rights), general and limited partnership interests, joint ventures, proprietorships, professional service corporations, professional practices, and LLPs and LLCs.

She has performed business valuations in the following industries: advertising, apparel, brokerage, chemical, commercial banking, communications, computer services, construction and contracting, consulting, distribution, energy and electric generation, hotel and hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, mining and mineral extraction, money management, natural resources, petroleum, printing, publishing, real estate development, restaurant, retailing, telecommunications, textiles, transportation and trucking, and wholesaling.

She has performed financial advisory and economic analyses for various transactional purposes: identification of M&A targets, valuation of target company synergistic/strategic benefits, negotiation of deal price and terms, fairness analysis of proposed transactions, and valuation of debt and equity instruments.

Before joining Willamette Management Associates, Katherine was a valuation analyst at Cerqueda, Morgan, Gault & Collins, LLP.

Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in finance, Kennesaw State University, Michael J. Coles College of Business

Katherine is a member of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). She currently holds the certified valuation analyst (CVA) designation from the NACVA. Katherine is also a non-CPA associate member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). She is also a member of the ESOP Association.