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Perspectives is a quarterly digital publication that covers an array of topics, including valuation, taxation, litigation, transactions, financing, bankruptcy, and strategic planning. Like its award-winning predecessor, Insights, each edition of Perspectives is authored by Willamette Management Associates analysts, with occasional contributions from prominent attorneys and other professionals. Perspectives offers insights and analyses from our analysts to help readers stay informed on complex issues in the areas of valuation, forensic analysis, and financial advisory services.

July 2024

Editor for this issue: Brent A. McDade


Speculative, Viral, and Volatile: Valuation Considerations for Cryptocurrency Assets

Jackson L. Crispin

As interest in niche investment assets continues to grow, valuation professionals may be presented with the challenge of valuing highly illiquid cryptocurrency assets.


Company Stock Repurchases at Fair Market Value May Deliver Value Accretion for Remaining Shareholders

Jacob L. Hudson and Weston C. Kirk

When a company redeems its stock at fair market value, the value of the company’s stock immediately afterward may increase. To some, this phenomenon is surprising, but the effects of stock redemptions and possible stock accretion may benefit the sellers, the remaining shareholders, or both.


Qualified Appraisals and Charitable Contribution Deductions: The Lessons of Hoensheid

Brent A. McDade

In Estate of Hoensheid v. Commissioner, the U.S. Tax Court found, among other issues, that a donation of stock made in anticipation of the sale of the underlying business did not qualify for a charitable contribution deduction because the appraisal of the donated property did not meet the requirements of a qualified appraisal.

Previous Issues


April 2024 Perspectives

Editors for this issue: Nathan P. Novak and Timothy J. Meinhart

  • Control Considerations in the Valuation of a 50 percent Ownership Interest
  • The Expatriation Tax: How to Present Assets to the IRS When You Say Goodbye to the United States
  • The Valuation of Controlling Ownership Interests in the Context of Gift Tax Planning

January 2024 Perspectives

Editors for this issue: Justin M. Nielsen and Lisa H. Tran

  • The Applicability of Discounts for Lack of Marketability on Controlling Ownership Interests
  • Higher Interest Rates and Tax Exemptions May Maximize Benefits in Gift and Estate Tax Planning
  • Key Person Considerations When Valuing Private Companies in a Gift and Estate Tax Context

October 2023 Perspectives

Editor for this issue: Weston C. Kirk

  • Preferred Equity in a Rising Interest Rate Environment
  • Considerations for Valuing the Stadium Seat Licenses of Sports Teams for Estate Tax Purposes
  • Convertible Bonds as a Component of a Company’s Capital Structure

July 2023 Perspectives

Editor for this issue: Timothy J. Meinhart

  • Understanding the Implications of Cecil v. Commissioner
  • How to Properly Use Asset Transactions in the Guideline Merged and Acquired Company Method
  • Getting the Most out of Every Engagement

April 2023 Perspectives

Editors for this issue: Charles A. Wilhoite and Scott R. Miller

  • Incorporating ESG Performance in Equity Valuations
  • Key Considerations Regarding the Valuation of “Small” Businesses
  • The Tax Benefits and Challenges of Allocating Total Business Goodwill to Personal Goodwill in a Transaction

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For over three decades, Insights was a respected publication that provided valuable information on topics related to business valuation, forensic analysis, and financial opinions. In 2023, we replaced this print publication with our new digital publication, Perspectives.


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