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Many of our engagements involve taxation planning and compliance, including estate and gift tax, income tax, and property tax. We regularly provide business and security valuation, intellectual property valuation, reasonableness of compensation analysis, and transfer price analysis services that exceed expectations.

We serve tax lawyers, tax accountants, tax representatives, estate planners, and taxing agencies and authorities.

We serve tax lawyers.
We provide valuation expert reports, valuation expert witness testimony, and other forensic analysis services with respect to tax-related litigation. Our expert analyses and reports relate to closely held business value, intangible asset value, restricted public securities value, the value of complex or convertible securities, the value of stock options and warrants, intercompany transfer price, reasonableness of compensation, valuation discounts and premiums, economic substance issues, and other disputes.

We routinely support our valuation analyses and reports through expert testimony. And, we assist tax counsel with the review and critique of opposing valuation expert analyses and reports.

We serve tax accountants.
We prepare valuation (and related) analyses to assist in the planning and structuring of transfers and other taxable events. We also prepare valuation analyses for tax return preparation purposes, including gift tax, estate tax, income tax, and property tax returns.

We serve not-for-profit entity tax professionals.
Not-for-profit entities (including health care, education, professional membership organizations, and charitable organizations) have a responsibility to maintain the assets they manage for the public benefit. Therefore, not-for-profit entities cannot enter into transactions to sell assets for less than fair market value, to buy assets for more than fair market value, or to pay more than fair market value for contractual services. If the not-for-profit entity enters into a transaction that provides a private inurement to an individual or for-profit entity, then the not-for-profit entity may be subject to intermediate sanctions. Our fair market value valuation opinions provide assurance regarding sale, license, or contract transactions to the not-for-profit entity tax professionals.

We serve estate planners.
We perform business and security valuations and we design and implement shareholder buy-sell agreements for estate planning purposes. These valuation analyses are used for purposes of planning for the estate tax obligation, designing and implementing an intergenerational wealth transfer plan, implementing a charitable contribution program, and ensuring estate liquidity through appropriate insurance planning.

We serve taxing authorities and agencies.
We have prepared valuation analyses for-and we have provided expert testimony for-the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Department of Justice Tax Division, and various state and municipal taxing authorities. These valuation assignments included closely held business valuations, tangible asset and intangible asset valuations, fractional ownership interest valuations, valuations of stock options and other complex securities, restricted stock valuations, and valuation discount and premium studies.